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Directions for Submitting Payments Via Paypal


In the past there has been numerous requests for us to add online payment functionality to the site so we could offer you the convenience of paying by credit card or echeck so we have examined our options and decided to give PayPal a try.  PayPal is reputable online payment processing service and if your a regular eBay user you may be familiar with it.  If not, don’t worry the payment process is fast, easy and secure and can be done by anyone with a valid email address. Follow the steps below to register your team in one of the Rock -N- Roll For Cancer’s upcoming tournaments. Proceeds to Benefit the American Cancer Society.

  1. Click the applicable tournament button on the Home page.
  2. The file is in the format of Adobe PDF. If you don’t have the viewer plugin you can obtain it at Adobe’s Website
  3. Print off the document and fill out the entire registration form and pay particular attention to your captain name and division. When making your payment through the Submit Payment button below you will be prompted for your team name.  We need this information to match your payment with your registration form.
  4. Either mail your registration to the address on the form or bring the registration form to the tournament and indicate at the registration desk that you submitted your payment through Paypal.
  5. If paying through Paypal, then pay particular attention to the email address as well. On your registration form that you send in make sure that you indicate at the bottom of the form the PayPal email that you used to make your payment. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. We need this email address to match to your online payment.
  6. Come to and click the PayPal Submit Payment on the Home page after you have entered the amount and your Team Name. YOU MUST FIRST BE A REGISTERED USER to submit Paypal Payments.  In the upper right hand corner you will find a register button where you can submit your information. Registration to the site is immediate. We do not distribute your personal information to Third Parties but information will be used to send out future information regarding upcoming tournaments. You will then be taken to a page that is secure and hosted on PayPal’s servers.  If you are not a current PayPal user then click the button to register and follow the directions to enter your billing information. If you are an existing PayPal user then enter your PayPal email address and password into the PayPal login box.
  7. Click the Pay button when finished.  Your payment will be processed and you will receive a confirmation email notification to the PayPal email that you used.
    • If all else fails and you still can’t figure it out then please call Todd or Rhonda Soppitt at 440-760-4001 or email them at
    • Thank you for supporting our cause and we look forward to seeing you at the tournament.